God Desires the Saints to be equiped, trained and alert!

These last 2 years have proved that the enemy is out to blatantly destroy people; especially the body of Christ.

The anti-christ system is in place and many are blind to it. Satan and his demons hate people! His main target is the christian leaders and he is using men possessed by demons to help do it. 

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I have a lot to say about this and intend to equip people just like those before us equipped the saints. The Isaiah’s and Jeremiah’s were hated and even murdered for it!  We have lost a generation or two to a rebellious, self-seeking, society that has an agenda and many are demon obsessed and or possessed.  This year the Lord has specifically put in my heart to major on the ranks and attacks of the enemy and how they come to good Godly christian people and deceive them; and don’t understand why they are tempted to do such things which years before they would never have done or even thought of doing. Satan is destroying and taking out as many as he can but it doesn’t have to be so. He takes out people with sickness, disease, depression and distraction. This is the most crucial moment to follow the Spirit of God as never before if we or our loved ones are to stay strong and not be taken out early.  I want to personally invite you to come to these monthly meetings the second Saturday of every month at 6:00 pm. We have an intensive time of fellowship with the Lord, teaching, the gifts in operation and prophecies as the Spirit of God wills. We share the latest on prophets and ministers latest words, dreams or visions from God if it is relevant.  I want to encourage you to come out and be a part of an army rising up in these last days.  We have God’s agenda at heart. There is strength, wisdom and power together.  The next years itinerary is in the 2022 blog below. 

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