Vitamin C Powder


Vitamin C


Vitamin C Powder is one of the most important ingredients to add to any Serum.  Vitamin C causes the skin to exfoliate which causes a beautiful glow and helps lighten hyperpigmentation. It produces collagen which strengthens connective tissue causing a lifting effect and youthful skin.  The problem with most all Vitamin C products is that it is not stable.  It becomes oxidized once it is opened and that is why most products use an orange coloring in their C products so it won’t be noticed.  The next problem is they have to stabilize it with an oil of some type ( which can cause breakouts) and its just not as effective as adding pure Vitamin C to your serum each time you use it.  This is ideal as it is always fresh and it won’t go bad. This Vitamin C is pharmaceutical grade and one of the best-rated on the market. One small shake is enough as you don’t want it too strong. After washing your face, in a damp hand, mix a shake of the C powder and lightly dissolve adding a few drops of your serum and rub into your skin. I recommend this at night so you can sleep in it.  When you rinse or wash your face in the morning you will have a beautiful glow and a lifted effect.  It can be added to your face wash as well. You may use it nightly or several times a week.

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